Courage in Action: Checking in with our 2022 recipient

As we enter the final weeks of the calendar year, it’s time to check in with our 2022 grant recipient, Courage in Action.

Courage in Action supports women with difficult circumstances by providing free resources to assist them in moving forward in their lives. Through educational sessions and conferences delivered by accomplished women, the charity aims to uplift and inspire their members to create new or different outcomes.

Over the last year, Courage in Action’s executive director, Cindy Stradling, has been working with a mentor provided by Project Change Foundation to achieve some important goals.

Project Change Foundation board member Judy Adams acted as Stradling’s mentor. “Working with Cindy was such an amazing experience,” Adams said. Adams coached Stradling to gain new leadership skills as well as to craft Courage in Action’s first strategic plan.

Stradling is grateful for the chance to learn from Adams. “She was such a gift,” Stradling says. “I found her to be approachable and a wealth of knowledge.

“The strategic plan we created is a living document and we will continue to use it as our guide going forward.”

Courage in Action put the funds it received from Project Change Foundation toward its annual bursary program. Each year, a Courage in Action member is selected to receive a bursary for educational support. This year’s recipient is studying to be a library technician.

“We are proud of our bursary program and having the support of Project Change Foundation’s grant made it possible during an otherwise challenging year,” Stradling says.

With a strong foundation established following the mentorship process, Courage in Action intends to continue its valuable work and is even planning a return to an in-person conference for 2023.

We’re so impressed with the efforts and results Stradling and Courage in Action realize. We look forward to seeing the growth that’s on the horizon for this Canadian charity.

Read more about Courage in Action on their website.