Meet our board: Gordon Johnson

The gears of Project Change Foundation move thanks to the dedication of our volunteer board members who review applicants as well as guide, mentor, and secure the financial supports for our chosen recipient organizations. Gordon Johnson has been with the foundation since its inception in 2015. A 35-year veteran of the hospitality management sector, Johnson is currently vice president for Atlific Hotels and oversees 20 properties in Alberta and British Columbia. He’s also been on the leadership teams of the Hotel Association of Canada, Tourism Vancouver, Tourism Calgary, and the Vancouver Hotel General Managers Association.

With his success helming hotel openings and brand transitions for companies like Delta Hotels and Resorts, Johnson’s wealth of experience in strategic planning and relationship management has been an asset for the Project Change Foundation grant recipients he has mentored, and has been deeply rewarding for Johnson as well. “The return has been far greater than the effort in my experience.”

Being a part of Project Change Foundation “continues to open my eyes and my mind to the many diverse initiatives that are being done across our country to help the underprivileged or simply to better serve other segments of our population,” Johnson says.

Working with Binners’ Project, Project Change Foundation’s 2018 grant recipient, sticks out for Johnson as a particularly proud moment of mentorship success.

The “very worthy initiative was stalled for lack of coordinated support with businesses in portions of downtown Vancouver,” Johnson recalls. “Most businesses were not easily amenable to the idea of spending time with ‘binners’ and needed some protocols and processes that would allow this group to access back-of-house areas from time to time in order to bring this initiative to reality. I distinctly recall helping organize and facilitate some of these meetings and seeing unlikely partnerships become a reality.”

It’s safe to say Johnson would encourage other experienced leaders to get involved with mentoring and facilitating support for other Canadian charities.

“While I have always been someone who contributed to the larger tourism industry, my heart is well-served through the various Project Change initiatives, and I wish I had done this kind of volunteer work earlier in my career.”

Thanks for sharing with us, Gordon. Learn more about our board members and their expertise.