Join our board of directors

We have an opening on our volunteer board of directors: could you be the one we’re looking for?

We are seeing someone who is energetic and passionate about helping charities, and who has experience with starting and/or running a charity in its early development stages – someone who has gained experience “by doing” and now would like to give back to help other emerging change-makers in the charity space to realize their goals and vision.

Board members’ primary responsibility is committing to supporting and mentoring our recipient organizations (this is based on fit and availability of board members). Some of the knowledge and fields of experience that are most valuable to our recipients include leadership and management, operations, human resources, fundraising, marketing, and communications.

Quick details:

  • All board meetings are held virtually/remotely. Meetings and other administrative tasks are kept to a minimum.
  • Volunteer board members need to hold Canadian citizenship.
  • No minimum tenure, though we’d love someone to stay involved long-term (we’re a passionate group – some of our board members have been with the Foundation since its inception in 2015!).

Here’s what one of our founding board members, Gordon Johnson, has to say about contributing to the Foundation:

“While I have always been someone who contributed to the larger tourism industry, my heart is well-served through the various Project Change initiatives, and I wish I had done this kind of volunteer work earlier in my career.”

Does this sound like you? Contact us to inquire about this opportunity.