Meet Jason Russell of OT Works!

The donations we receive from our monthly donors fuel Project Change Foundation’s mission. Charitable giving also makes sense from a business perspective.

For OT Works!, one of Project Change Foundation’s monthly donors, corporate charitable giving has social and economic benefits.

“We believe that as corporate citizens, we have a role to play in making the world a better place,” explains the B.C.-based occupational therapy group’s business director, Jason Russell. “We promote the highest levels of ethical behaviour, support advances in education and culture, and advocate sustainable use of natural resources.”

Corporate charitable giving “increases our position in the highly competitive market for talent,” adds Russell. “Sharing our corporate stories of supporting causes attracts potential recruits who share similar values, and in doing so helps us grow our business.”

So why does OT Works! choose to donate to Project Change Foundation in particular?

“We chose to donate to PCF because of its unique focus on helping local organizations early in their development,” says Russell. “We were impressed and excited by early recipients that we met (The Lipstick Project, Backpack Buddies) and could relate to their growing pains. We knew we wanted to help those with vision to help others and PCF was a great way to do that.”

Donating monthly is a win-win for both Project Change Foundation and OT Works!. Project Change Foundation benefits from a reliable source of support for our grantees and it keeps the act of giving simple for OT Works!.

“We make a goal, set our monthly donation and it’s done,” says Russell. “It’s efficient and easy to budget for. There are a lot of decisions we have to make, but this process makes it easy.”

If you’re a business looking to grow your social and economic impact, consider donating to Project Change Foundation.