Courage in Action wins votes and Project Change Foundation support

We did something a little different this year: we reached out to our supporters and friends, and asked them to help select our 2022 grant recipient. More than 200 people voted — thank you for sharing your excitement and passion for the five shortlisted charities, who all do incredible work in their communities or for the environment.

Now, the votes have been counted and (drumroll) we’re so pleased to announce that Courage in Action will be our 2022 grant and mentorship recipient.

“Courage in Action is doing important work with women and supporting them when they most need it,” says Joe Kelly, Project Change Foundation founder. “Our board is looking forward to getting started. We want to help take the Courage in Action team to the next level, and support its goal of helping 500 women in the coming year.”

Courage in Action supports women coming from adverse circumstances by helping them achieve a better life through conferences, weekly workshops, mentorship, and educational bursaries. The organization’s mission is “to bring women together to inspire confidence, foster friendships, and teach life skills” as the women transition to a new, more forward looking place in their lives.

The organization was founded in 2013 under a different name by Cindy Stradling, who saw a need for educational programs that could help women change their lives. In 2019, she registered her organization as a non-profit with the name Courage in Action. Now, the organization is ready to reach women across Canada.

“Together with Courage in Action’s commitment and determination, and Project Change Foundation’s support and expertise, we will help women Canada-wide move from a life of adversity to possibility,” says Stradling.

Courage in Action offers programming about job searches, mental wellbeing, self-care, developing resiliency, and more. It also offers resources and even has a podcast to help connect with members who need support.

Courage in Action plans to use the $2,000 grant from Project Change Foundation to support their bursary/book project in 2022, which needs some resources because the pandemic has impacted the organization’s fundraising abilities.

Project Change Foundation is also going to be providing guidance on accessing future grant opportunities and building a fundraising and sponsorship program.

“We are very open to any advice and guidance, since we are a new charity and know we could benefit immensely from Project Change Foundation’s expertise,” says Stradling.

“Working with up and coming not-for-profits that are making such a huge mark on the communities they serve, and truly making a difference in people’s lives, is so important to our whole team,” Kelly says.

Read more about Courage in Action on their website.